1. Organizational Profile-CFID

1.1.      Establishment

Concern for Integrated Development (CFID) is a local non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2000 by a group of visionary individuals dedicated to solving the multifaceted social and economic problems in the country. It has re-registered following the new Charities and Societies Law as Ethiopian Resident Charity under the registration Number 0456 and the license renewed to December 2018.

  • Vision, mission, goal and objective

 1.2.1 Vision

CFID wish “to see a healthy and empowered Ethiopian society without poverty”

1.2.2 Mission

Innovate, build up and execute development projects with the active participation of the community and create conducive living environment.

1.2.3 Goal

Contribute to the reduction of poverty and act as a development actor to create a sustainable environment for living.

Major Focus Areas/Objectives

Concern for Integrated Development (CFID) has the following objectives

  1. To reduce poverty specifically among marginalized groups in the society
  2. To improve sexual reproductive health services and prevent HIV/AIDS, STI through integrated activities.
  3. To promote educational services in the intervention areas
  4. To promote child and maternal health services (reduction of HTPs)
  5. Improve Environmental sanitation and create access to clean drinking water by providing appropriate and sustainable projects.
  6. Reduce poverty and increase food security effort.
  7. Promotion of agro forestry and promotion of appropriate technology
  8. Improvement of economic situation of disabled groups and improvement of their sexual and reproductive health situ
    • Target Areas

 CFID mainly operates in emerging region of Afar, Somali, Amhara, Oromiya Regions and Dire Dawa city council with special focus to the socio-economic status of women and children. CFID has recently opened branch office in Afar and Somali regional states, Awash Fentale woreda and Dire Dawa city Council for the realization of its vision and mission. Furthermore CFID has planned to expand its project implementation geographical areas in all parts of the country for the coming five years

  • Experience in Project/program Implementation

 Concern for Integrated Development (CFID) has been implementing different projects for the last five years addressing

  • Social support for PLHA and OVC
  • Economic empowerment of commercial sex workers and other poor women and girls
  • Reduction of Female Genital Mutilation through building the capacity of the community
  • Digging of water well to different communities and schools in order to create access to safe and clean drinking water
  • Economically empower ex-traditional circumcisers in order to abandon their practice and reduce the prevalence of FGM in Afar and Somali regional states
  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases through integrated social mobilization.
  • Capacity building to government office likes different trainings and material support.
  • Economic Empowerment and improvement of sexual and reproductive health situation of disabled men, women and children.

As a result of its modest efforts a total of (i) 4932 Direct beneficiary women and girls have participated in income generation schemes through provision of seed capital for their business, (ii)12683 young girls were rescued from the inhuman action of circumcision,  2480 previous traditional circumcisers promised and stopped circumcision. A total of 31800 indirect beneficiaries have also benefitted from the same project. 6005 people got clean water from Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion Project. 188,628 people are aware about FP/HIV/AIDS/STIs/HTPs.

CFID has gained rich experience to effectively and efficiently implement projects, and as result won the trust and confidence of its constituents, government and donor partners, and beneficiary women, girls and children.

  • Governance, Management and Staffing

Concern for Integrated Development (CFID) is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the General Assembly which gives all supreme decision and overall organization policy direction and guidance. The General Assembly and the Board of Directors are the highest authority that ultimately approves the organization’s annual budget and work-plan. The Board Members are composed of people with different professional backgrounds and with long years of experience in the public, private and NGO Sectors.

1.5.1.      Management and Staffing

The Secretariat is headed by the Executive Director with leadership and managerial responsibilities and who follows the day to day program activities & administrative matters and has qualified technical staff in various disciplines. The Executive Director and other officers operate with defined mandate and responsibilities as well as shared and complimentary duties in the fields of program and finance and administration. The operation of the Secretariat is guided by universally accepted financial & administrative standards and regulations of the government.

A Management Committee is established to ensure the smooth, efficient and effective implementation of programs, human and financial management and administrations. It consists of the Executive Director, Program Coordinator and Head of Finance and Administration. The secretariat is structured into Program and Finance & Administration Units and consists of different programs and projects. CFID is staffed with professional who are qualified in different disciplines and have rich work experiences and support staffs.

  • Networking and Partnerships

To support this and contribute to national common efforts CFID has joined forums and become an active member in the following national consortiums/Umbrella organization.

This are:-

  • Ye Ethiopia Goji Lemadawi Derigitoch Aswegaj Mahiber (EGLDAM)
  • Gender Forum at CRDA
  • Union of Ethiopian Women’s Charitable Associations (UEWCA)
  • PANE regional chapter committee member Afar
  • Afar Regional State NGO Forum (APDF)
  • Major Donor Partners

 Concern for Integrated Development has currently the following donor partners,

  • SIDA (Sweden International Development Agency through NEWA)
  • KNH (Kinder notify)
  • British Embassy.
  • PSI Ethiopia
  • World Learning /USAID
  • France Embassy
  • The Royal Netherlands Embassy
  • Save the children International
  • Management Agency (ESAP2)
  • Date of registry as an official NGO from Charity and society agency,

Tax identification No. 001332695

  • Official address:

Name of authorized person Ato Seifu Wodaj, Executive Director

Tel:   +251-116-524087, website, http://cfidngo.org/, Cell phone, +251 – 911- 228417, Fax no. +251-114-168988 e-mail,   cfes2000@ethionet.et  ,  cfes77@yahoo.com  or seife10@gmail.com